Recent interventions at the Forum area and the so-called Casa del Acueducto has undoubtedly facilitated the access to this mythical site, respecting the remains as much as possible. However, the signpostings suffer from something fundamental in archeology: an interpretative proposal.
The city of Tiermes is excavated in reddish sandstone but that does not mean that it was a rock city. Above the warehouses and basements dug \into the rock were built houses which interiors were sometimes decorated with rich marbles and paintings. But all that is lost, a long time ago.
Today, the visitor cannot imagine the appearance of these places without a few clues and that is what is missing in some explanatory panels which are limited to viewing what already can be seen: holes, voids, empty places …

This is my graphic contribution to this beautiful place.

Private website  Wilke Schram (Utrecht University)

Roman Aqueducts

Illustrations: JR Almeida